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How to Start a New Business in 10 Easy Steps

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

How to reduce common mistakes and succeed the first time.

When you look at the success statistics of businesses the numbers are shocking. According to the SBA 30% of all businesses fail within 2 years. Yeah, let that sink into your spirit. The issue that we have found is that when companies fail because they don't know what they don't know. If you are a chef I am SURE you can cook, but what do you know about pitching to investors? How to design an online menu? What fonts and colors should you use in your branding? How do you get a high ranking on Yelp? The possible mistakes go on and on and on. The key to success is not allowing the mistakes, short falls and disappointments stop you.

10 Easy Step - by - Step Guide to Starting Your Own Business

  1. Learn What You Don't Know - Market Research

  2. Write The Vision - Create a Business Plan

  3. Stop, Evaluate, Repeat

  4. Get the Legal Stuff Done Right

  5. Time to Count Your Coins

  6. Refine and Define Your Products and Services

  7. Building Your Dream Team

  8. Location, Location, Location

  9. Branding and Marketing

  10. Grow, Scale, Diversify

Dreaming of starting a business has got to get out of your brain and into reality. The world needs what you have to offer and these steps help to bring your dreams closer to reality.

Don't allow these steps to overwhelm you. Contact a consultant for direction.

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