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Best Social Media for your Small Business


Social media is an essential piece of a business's marketing plan. (Which is something that we provide at Joint Effort LLC, check us out!) We all know that in order to reach your customer and easily communicate with them, you must have some sort of social media. But the confusion lies with which social media platform will benefit your small business the most, and it honestly depends. It depends on the type of business you have and what demographic you want to appeal to. In this blog, I’m going to give three examples of small businesses and which approach works best for that business.

The B+B’s

Meaning: Beauty and Boutiques

This guide will be for the businesses whose target market consists of women of all ages specifically millennials. If this sounds like the audience you are trying to reach try these social media platforms:

Instagram- Instagram is a great way to connect with women and people considered millennials, ages 22-37. According to a blog on Hootsuite, 79% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-44. That’s the majority and around the age group that you are trying to appeal to. People in this demographic tend to gravitate toward Instagram as their most used form of social media. In a study, 72% said they have made fashion, beauty or style-related purchases after seeing something on Instagram, with the most-purchased categories being clothing, makeup, shoes and jewelry. This statistic can work in your favor.

Pinterest- Pinterest is a great way for small businesses to see what kind of content and products your local community reacts to. You can even tweak your niche (where need be) and attract customers and clients because of your niche.

Facebook- Facebook is great for small businesses because it can act as a website and review site all in one. It can also help boost your SEO, you want to be found easily on google right?

The Hospitality

Meaning: Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, etc.

This type of small business is a little tricky. Usually, when people open this kind of business they already have their specific customer picked out and have created an ambiance to appeal to their target demographic. This section will include the social media platforms that work for all businesses under this category. You may see your target demographic mentioned elsewhere and feel free to use that advice as well.

Yelp- Yelp is used for customer decision. People go to to see customer reviews that make them either decide to purchase your good/service or not. It’s also an SEO booster! However, Yelp is not free. In order to optimize the service and get your restaurant seen, you have to become a premium member. It seems to be worth it in the long run.

Facebook & Instagram: Facebook and Instagram are listed together because they can do the same thing. As someone in hospitality, it’s important to show your product to the public. Food and drinks are very visual things and people want to see it before they buy. Also, you can hashtag just about anything and get your product seen by many on the platforms! Can you say #foodgoals!

The Endowed

Meaning: Nonprofits and Start-Ups

Facebook & Twitter- These platforms are used for announcements. It’s important for your business to be able to communicate with the world and update them when need be.

Linkedin- Linkedin is the world’s largest professional networking site. It’s also a perfect way to find staff and volunteers!

Youtube OR Instagram- This option really depends on your business. If you would like to post visual appeal or documentary style videos utilize Youtube. If you’d rather take pictures of yourself ‘on the field’ use Instagram. It is important for people to see your organization in its element.

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