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Joint Effort Consulting, LLC is a Minority Women Owned Company

Start-Up Consulting

Skip the mistakes and head straight to success


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Areas Of Expertise

Create SMART Plans of Action to Help Companies with Complex  Situations

Consulting Solutions for Existing Companies to Improve Performance



Identify Internal Deficiency and Deploy our Team of Experts to Provide Hands-On Solutions





Our mission has been to help new or existing businesses to increase their revenue by taking the guesswork out of running a successful business. Why learn from your own mistakes? We work with you to create a clear path to success. 

We have identified that most business owners are seeking answers, need help connecting the dots, want to shorten the learning curving 

Solutions Offered

  • Automation

  • Branding

  • Marketing Saturation

  • Social Media Management

  • Website Auditing

  • Website Creation 

Seeking Answers

  • Customer Retention

  • Governance

  • Human Resources

  • Funding/Capital Needs

  • Legal Regulations

  • License & Permits

  • Media Psychology 

Connecting The Dots

  • Business/ Marketing Plan

  • Market Research

  • Market Trend

  • Organizational Management

  • UX/UI Planning

Shorten The Learning Curve

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