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Outsourcing Services

How to Keep Your Nonprofit Focus Driven


Running a nonprofit is not easy. Government regulations, tax reforms, grant restrictions, and donor retention can make running a “profitable” nonprofit seem near impossible. Although some things may seem impossible, there are always ways to make that dark road appear a little brighter.

One of the key findings in a 2019 nonprofit study found that the biggest issue is lack of resources. Most of the time, a nonprofit is in need of someone who has the particular skill(s) that nonprofit employees may not have. For example, nonprofits rarely have a marketing team, a web developer, an IT professional and a bookkeeper. This is where outsourcing becomes important.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Here comes the shameless plug about their own business *cue the eye rolls*. I mean, hey - our company outsources all of the time! We outsource for web developers, photographers, financial consultants - you name it, we outsource it. Because in order to run a successful business or organization you need to cover all of the bases, and those experts don’t have to be on your full-time payroll.

Here is an example: If you start a new business but earned straight D’s in math, perhaps you don’t feel secure about creating a business budget, P&L statements, and other financial requirements (like paying employees). Then, finding a financial consultant could determine if your business survives or not. And you definitely want to survive.

So, what are the benefits of outsourcing? It saves time! Time is money (and our most valuable resource). By outsourcing specialty services like IT or Social Media Management, your employees can focus on the important things like fulfilling the mission of your nonprofit. Staying “purpose driven” is important. However, when employees are doing too many jobs, your original “purpose” can fall by the wayside.

So, if you’re in need of someone to keep up with current regulations and laws, find them! In need of someone to handle the direct deposit and paying your bills? Find them! In need of a bookkeeper? Finde sie! (that's “find them” in German) You catch my drift? Outsourcing is the best thing you can do to increase your organization's productivity and help reduce burnout.

"Why learn from your own mistakes? Contact a consultant today"

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