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Joint Effort Consulting, LLC is a Minority Women Owned Company

Nonprofit Consulting

Enhance your Impact and Sustainability


It takes more than passion to work for or start a nonprofit agency. With local and state governance regulations, funding restrictions and lack of dedicated staff/volunteers, your idea to serve others can lose its focus quickly.

With more than 30 years of Nonprofit Executive Coaching Experience, it takes someone who has walked in your shoes to understand your journey.

Our team of nonprofit consultants is dedicated to listening and identifying your agencies S.C.O.T  Strengths, Challenges (weaknesses), Opportunities and Threats to enhance your impact, and agency sustainability. 

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At the center of most nonprofits is fundraising. We evaluate current fundraising efforts and offer trending suggestions to increase profits.

Fundraising & Capital Campaign Management

We utilize Strength Finders and EQ evaluation techniques to analyze the organization and offer sustainable strategies.

Capacity Building Strategies

Board and Executive Committees are the breath of an agency. We offer intense board and staff development training to ensure agency success.

Leadership Training

Your strategic plan is the nonprofit equivalent to a business plan. If you don't have a plan for every program and process in your organization it's like wandering in the woods without a compass. 

Strategic Planning

Communication with your donors, sponsors, partners, and community is imperative. We offer various solutions and integration methods to automate this process. 

Donor Software Integration

An agencies website is their lifeline to the world. We current site audits to ensure that the message and mission of the agency is being translated to the desired audience. 

Website Development

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Strategic Planning


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